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“Teamwork makes the dream work,” so the saying goes. At Milling Precision Tool, teamwork powers continuous improvement and our relentless focus on superior quality, delivery and price. Find out how our team of hard and soft metal high speed machining experts turn out high quality products for our customers in Wichita and beyond.

Our People Are Our—and Our Customers’—Greatest Assets

Having the latest and greatest machines means nothing without skilled hands to run them and the minds that innovate how to put them to best use. The knowledge and passion the Milling Precision Tool team brings to every job—big or small—is priceless. That’s why our people are the most valuable asset not only of our business, but of our customers’ businesses.

The depth of skill and training of the Milling Precision Tool team shows in their many certifications:

  • Airbus Certified for Machining and Finished Holes
  • Cessna Certified Center of Excellence
  • Boeing Certified
  • Spirit Certified
  • Lockheed Certified
  • AS9100 REV D
  • ITAR
  • Model Based Definition

We invest in our people. All team members receive training for 5S, Continuous Improvement and SMED.

“We strive to be the best we can be and that is what we are here for. We put our employees first and we are a family. It is important for us to do better which is what Milling Precision is doing.” – Anna H, Milling Precision Tool Team Member

Teamwork Drives Innovation, Improvement & Adaptability

These days, businesses that don’t continually improve and evolve get left in the dust. What’s worked for 40 years isn’t good enough. The flexibility and adaptability needed to thrive in today’s market is only possible with teamwork, cooperation and a shared vision. That’s what Milling Precision Tool brings to the table.

Milling Precision Tool executes at a high level by redefining processes daily with a focus on Cost, Quality and Delivery. Our team drives change, embraces continuous improvement and promotes World Class Machining, day in and day out. These are the differentiators that make Milling Precision Tool the Supplier of Choice.

“We’re evolving constantly. We went from a shop that has always done everything the same way to a shop that is finding its way into today’s machining world and doing things much more effectively and efficiently. It shows with the attitude from the employees. We have nowhere to go but up!” – Brad T., Milling Precision Tool Team Member

Teamwork Supports the Needs of Our Customers

Milling Precision Tool is a Customer Centric organization focused on World Class Performance. Relentless focus on True North drives us towards excellence. The Milling Precision Tool team understands the need to embrace change to be the best supplier we can be for our customers.

Our Core Values —

  • Act With Integrity
  • Treat Each Other With Respect
  • Help Each Other
  • Make a Difference

— apply not only to how we interact as a team, but how we treat our customers. When we inspire our team members to be their best selves, they do their best work.

“Milling Precision Tool is like a family. People that work here are your immediate family. Your customers are your extended family. You are a team. There is no ‘I’ in team. At the end of the day you have a sense of accomplishment.” – Kathryn M., Milling Precision Tool Team Member

Put the power of teamwork to work for you. Contact us at (316) 265-0973 to discuss your project.

Interested in joining the Milling Precision Tool team? Download an employment application here.