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Brad has been with Milling Precision Tool Corp. for 18 years. He ha dedicated himself to help in the growth of the company. Brad has plans to travel & see new places far & abroad.                He will be missed by his milling family. Congratulations Brad to...

The Milling Precision Tool Team: Our Core Values

We believe in creating superior, high-quality products while treating our customers and employees like family. Our team at Milling Precision Tool is our most significant asset. Our team helps us drive to become the best we can be and serve our customers day in and day...

Take a look at the Doosan 6300

If you are at IMTS the week of Sept 10 stop by the Doosan booth and take a look at the Doosan 6300. MPTC has purchased this piece of equipment to be delivered to Wichita late September.

5S Award

February's 5S Award was presented to Anna Herrera & Kathleen Duncan. Outstanding job with 5S, leading the way by example.